Floral Cow Skull Metal Decoration

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Hang this unique metal sign in your home and you will have a point of conversation every time someone lays their eyes on this beautiful floral cow skull.

The patina contrast on the flowers gives that extra dimension that will leave you wanting more!

No matter if this metal decoration is for yourself or for a special gift, you can rest assured knowing that we believe in quality and durability so it will stay nice for years to come!

This metal sign is built from 10 gauge steel, not like the metal signs you usually find on the internet that bend like paper. We are all about quality so if you are ready for the perfect piece to start or complete your cow obsession, this is for you!

This sign is easily hung from the holes creating the floral design.

This piece is cut from naturally raw steel - it is a highly recyclable material that gets reused which makes the finish and color vary between pieces from silver to almost black. Hung in a dry element, this metal sign with heat-treated flowers will keep it's color. If hung in a humid element, it will rust and develop a natural patina unique to its environment. To keep the rust from setting in, wipe with alcohol and paint with metal specific paint.

All of our metal signs are available to cut in custom sizes, contact us for pricing on custom sizes and thicknesses up to 6 foot by 12 foot.

*Contact us for customization options