Custom Metal Nursery Name Sign designed and cut by HL Guest Handmade with Name Ransome Flynt

5 Things Your Ranch Baby Nursery Needs

Is there any feeling better than welcoming a fresh new baby into your ranching family? We sure don't think so! Decorating your ranch baby nursery is special - it sets the tone for the cowboy or cowgirl they will grow up to be.

Here at HL Guest Handmade we are all about marking those beautiful moments in your journey so that you can remember the work that God has done in your life. Babies are a precious gift from God and we're here to help mark this moment in the nursery.

We believe every ranch baby nursery should have these 5 essentials:

1. Cedar Crib

The crib in this picture - the one our son is sleeping in as I type this post - has been passed down through our family for many years. It has lived through many of our family's boys so it's safe to say that after field testing, the durability is no question.

Though this exact crib isn't built anymore we found these that are very similar with excellent reviews. Bonus, they have other amazing cedar furniture for your nursery as well - a one stop shop for your ranch baby nursery furniture needs.

2. Custom Name Sign 

There is arguably no better feeling than welcoming a baby into the world. The planning, the wondering, the waiting, then the absolute joy (and some anxiousness) of bringing your soft new family addition home for the first time.

When you are getting the nursery decorated it's always fun to add that special touch with a custom name sign and we are just the people to add that elegant yet rustic touch with the personalized metal name sign for your nursery.

You spent the time to come up with the perfect baby name, now show it off as you introduce your new little blessing to the world and you can do exactly that with our custom metal nursery name signs!

3. Special Blanket

Many ranch families have a quilter in the family tree somewhere so maybe you already have a special blanket for your new ranch baby, but if that's not the case we have the next best thing here for you - ranch kid themed homemade quilt to wrap up that bundle of joy in ranch style.

4. Glider

We were blessed to have gliders passed down from family members to rock our sweet baby cowboys the way our parents rocked us. If we hadn't had those, we would have definitely bought one of these Amish hand crafted gliders that are built to last for many generations. You could even rock your grandkids in these someday!

5. Window Curtains

Cowbabies often have to go to bed early because they are up before the rooster crows to tote around for chores. Make bed time easier with these not only super punchy, but optional double blackout window curtains! Now they can get their full night of sleep in before yall have to get out and tend to all the animals first thing.


As a ranch family, we take pride in raising these kids up the old fashioned way. The nursery doesn't have to be something super fancy, but these 5 necessities will get your ranch baby nursery off to a perfect start.

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