Can you cut my logo or custom design out of metal?

The only way to tell if your logo or design is possible is to send us an artwork file (or detailed description) and the dimensions, with both pieces of this information we can let you know what's possible.


What finishes do you offer?

We currently offer a raw finish as standard on all signs. If you leave the piece untreated it will rust and develop a natural finish completely unique to your environment. Due to the nature of raw steel, each piece will vary slightly, giving you a unique piece.

At this time, we do not offer in-house painting or powder-coating, but upon request we can give you a quote for our out-sourced powder-coating.


What is powder-coating?

A colored protective layer produced by heat-fusing a special powder substance to the outside of the metal sign.


I like this design, but can you change parts of it?

If you like a design you see but want to modify, add, or delete something, let us know and we can work up a truly unique piece for you. Our custom work is priced by the size, thickness (16 gauge to 1" depending on project use), material (steel, stainless, AR500, aluminum, etc), and option of powder-coating.


Why choose HL Guest Handmade for your metal design needs?

HL Guest Handmade is a small business that enjoys working one-on-one with you to bring your ideas to life by fusing together your imagination with our expertise and technology. Working with HL Guest Handmade, you have the opportunity to visit with the actual people who are going to make your sign and deliver on your expectations. This is truly a unique process in this age!