As small business owners we love to recommend other amazing small businesses to make sure our audience knows all the best businesses to work with!

Below you will find a list of our favorite to work with and trust that you will enjoy all that they have to offer as well!

Decor to pair with our signs:

Blue Moon Furnishings

Sherry Sims at Blue Moon Furnishings is always on the look out for the "once in a blue moon" pieces that will bring uniqueness to your home decor spread. From your kitchen and living spaces to the more intimate bedroom and bathroom pieces, you will find the decor that fits your elegant western style!

Dirty Hands Candle Company

Dirty Hands Candle Company is about real candles made by a real person. Candles that were hand crafted with care, not machine poured. I source organic soy wax, manufactured in the US, featuring American soybeans. I use essential or cosmetic grade fragrance oils, and a 100% cotton wick.

All this authentic goodness is poured by hand into recycled glass containers sourced in Texas, USA. Straightforward and honest,  handmade and genuine. Simplicity never goes out of style  

Meats to cook on our grills:

4B Meats 

4B Meats is known for their outstanding F1 Wagyu beef and customer service with a personal touch. Dustin and Brittany Borden, along with their two sons, Eastin and Briggs, run 4B Meats as a downstream business which complements their small Angus cow herd using Wagyu bulls to produce F1 Wagyu, similar to Kobe beef found in Japan. From the every day checking of the cattle, feed, and water, to weaning and working calves, as well as unloading and breaking down the boxes of beef, the Bordens do it all together as a family. They are often joined by Brittany’s parents, Joe and Nancy Morris, and receive various kinds of administrative and marketing assistance from sister, Brandy and her two children, as well as an aunt, Sherry. Family is more than a word. It’s the catalyst that makes success possible and meaningful.