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Father's Day 2021: Gifts Dad Will Love

When it comes to Father's Day presents, it's the thought that counts. But if
we're being honest, the same old list of what makes a good "dad gift" is
getting kind of old. So if you're going to put on your thinking cap, you should
at least try out a new list of Father's Day gift ideas. We put ours on for you
and came up with ten unique purchases dad will love.

1. Aztec & Tribal Decor Wall Art

Appeal to dad's southwestern sensibilities with a totally cool and custom
Aztec design. Our Aztec & Tribal Decor collection features four unique
designs that will surely become the talk of the household. All designs are
crafted from steel, with varying thicknesses from piece to
Choose the Aztec Steer for the rancher or the hardworking cattle
raiser. An Aztec Pig is perfect next to the smoker or in the show barn. Or, to appeal to dad's gentler side, an Aztec Lamb or Aztec Feather is a great way to add some dimension to his rough and tough exterior. Whichever one you choose, it is a Father's Day gift built to last and the perfect complement to any man cave, barn, or living room.

2. BBQ Smoker

Grills are great, but smokers are smokin'! And you can't live in the
south/southwest without testing out your barbeque skills. Using a smoker to
make the perfect brisket, ribs, or whatever suits your hunger makes for a
mouth-watering weekend activity. It also lets dad relax while still honing a
craft or investing in a new hobby.

If you do purchase a smoker, HL Guest Handmade makes custom metal
signs that you can attach to it. Now you can personalize your Father's Day
gift and let people know who the real smoke master is.

3. Custom Leather Belt

If the father in your life is keen on looking good and making a statement,
get him a custom leather belt. We specialize in crafting appealing belt
designs and patterns made from genuine leather with or without color. It's a
great accessory for a southern night on the dance floor or just so dad can
walk around intending for people to notice and compliment his belt.

4. Floral-Tooled Wallet

Every dad has that one possession—or maybe three or four of them—that he
keeps until it is literally falling apart. Wallets especially see the wear and
tear of being pocketed, sat on, and used all day. You've probably seen it,
too. The wallet is cracked, split at the corners, dirty, worn. How about
buying him a good-looking replacement—a genuine leather, floral-tooled
Our custom leather wallets give dad a reason to put aside "old reliable" and
bring something special with him instead. We craft these wallets with two
pockets for cards and a copper money clip for cash.

5. Custom Ranch Sign

Working outside on a ranch or farm all day is hard work. But it's also
something to take great pride in. That's why a sign that showcases that
pride is a great gift for this Father's Day. From the intricate to the bold, we
can craft a durable, sturdy metal sign that people will notice driving past the
ranch. Adding flair to your signage is no problem. We can add color and
lights. We can help you get started with your design and quote right away.
Simply fill out the contact form on our website.

6. Men's Spa Kit

Dads deserve a spa day! And though their idea of what a spa day means
may differ from mom's, the intent is the same: relaxation. The Plum Island
Soap Company's bath and body kit is just one example of how you can
sneak in a little pampering for that hardworking guy. Cleverly packaged in a
paint can, the kit contains moisturizing hand soap, after-shower oil, shaving
gel, and a "really scratchy" body mitt.
Who knows? Maybe a little pampering spa kit like this is the perfect prep for
a nice date night with the Mrs.

7. Sports Coat

Speaking of date night, every dude, dad, or drover deserves a special sports
coat he can wear out like he's the mayor. If you go this route, we offer
custom leather trim on sport coats, from the lapels to the cuffs.

8. "Don't Be a Prick" Metal Sign

A cactus joke is a fun way to play into a dad with a sense of humor. Our
handmade metal sign has all the silhouette of a prickly cactus and the puns
of a lame-yet-hilarious dad joke. It also conveys an important life lesson as
straightforward as a father's advice, "Don't be a prick."

9. Pistol Cleaning Kit and Case

If you've got a hunter or hobbyist on your hands, a pistol cleaning kit will
help them keep the hobby going even longer. Universal kits, like the KLOA
kit, should take care of any type of basic pistol cleaning and upkeep and
should include all the essentials:
● Cleaning rod and pick
● Bore brushes
● Cotton swabs and pads
● Reusable polishing cloth

Outside of regular maintenance, a proper pistol case should keep it safe by
your side. Not only will it help keep your pistol out of other people's hands,
but it'll also prevent the body of the pistol from getting any scratches.
Fortunately, we make a custom leather pistol case that does both of those
things—and it looks really good. Customize the case with dad's initials for a
more special touch.

10. Custom Firepit

Sometimes the only thing a dad wants is to spend a relaxing evening with
his family. So why not take family night outside and get him an affordable,
metal custom fire pit? Our metal fire pits are built safe and stylish, and we'll
work with you from the beginning to craft the design you want.

The Bottom Line

The trick to Father's Day is to buy him something one-of-kind—just like him.
Sometimes, a personalized touch is all you need.

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