What it's like working with the wrong metal fabrication company

Finding the Right Metal Sign Company Can Be Hard

We know that finding the right metal working business can be hard, but it doesn't have to be anymore. How you feel when you work with the wrong metal sign company:


You anxiously waited for your sign to come in, but when you open the box that you thought was going to hold something magnificent, but in it's place you find a crappy metal sign. It is as thin as paper, the cuts are rough, and the sign looks much smaller than what you saw in the picture online. You thought you were getting a good deal, but it turns out that you were deceived and now you are sorry you even supported that sign making company.


You tried to contact the business to let them know that you got the raw end of the deal, but you never get to talk to a real person. You can request contact in a form or send an email to received a vague response, but no real connection with a real person. You have started to think that there are actually robots running the whole show instead of real humans


You search for custom metal sign companies, but all you find are generic signs that you can personalize with your name and address...as long as it's less than 10 characters of course. This isn't what you want, you want to have a fully customized and unique metal sign that will stand out. You have an idea in mind and you can do a rough sketch on paper, but you haven't found someone who will bring this idea to life for you.


You have these big ideas, but the company that you found to work with you isn't equipped to build something as big and bold as you have in

Never feel disappointed, confused, irritated, or defeated again when trying to get your custom metal project done because here at HL Guest Handmade we are small enough that we can personally work with you to create exactly what you want, but skilled and equipped to do the work of those big companies. Submit your request below or check out some of the custom metal work we have already made for our customers.

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