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Looking for a Fully Custom Metal Sign, Look No Further

4 common tragedies of ordering metal signs online

The Tragedy of Ordering Custom Metal Signs Online

There are several problems you run into when trying to order your special metal signs online:

  1. They are flimsy and cheaply built.

  2. They are just plain and generic.

  3. They don't let you fully create the design you have pictured in your mind.

  4. You are only offered small size options, but you want something bigger and bolder.


Metal Signs Made Cheap

You haven't been able to find any durable metal products online. You have ordered a metal sign on the internet before and when it was delivered, it didn't take long for you to realize that it was junk!

I know the feeling all to well. You were super excited to finally get your order in the mail, but when you opened the package, you instantly noticed it was plain, flimsy, made cheap, and much smaller than you had imagined - nothing like what you had expected.

You have made the piece work because you couldn't find anyone that would cut a steel sign that was actually strong enough to hang outside on the patio. Every time the wind blows, it knocks your sign off of the wall and into the floor because it isn't built sturdy enough to withstand the weather. Now you are irritated all over again as you hang the cheap metal sign back on the wall for the third time this week. 

Not Actually Custom Then, Is It?

Maybe you have never actually ordered your metal sign because you have this awesome design in your head, but there's no one online to actually talk to so that you can create the fully custom metal sign that you have always wanted. You are sick of searching for "custom metal signs" only to find that the only custom part of the sign is to personalize it with your name on the design they have already created. You have looked all over the internet to find a sign making company to put your thoughts into action, but all you get are short emails, vague answers, and automations, it's almost like there are robots running the business. They just want you to put your name and address into a design that they already have instead of really listening to what you have in mind and creating the piece that is special to you.

Size does matter when you need a large metal design

Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to working with a metal sign company, you often find that they only offer signs that are a few square feet in size. Maybe you have looked for a place to do a large steel project, but all you have found are big corporate companies that don't have time to work with an individual. Our table is large enough to cut up to 6 foot by 12 foot sheets of metal with any unique design you have in mind and our business is small enough that you matter to us and we are willing to work with you to bring your metal project to life.

This feature is convenient for cutting out large steel gates with custom designs, large metal business signs, and seamless, unique metal overheads for your farm or ranch entryway.

Here at HL Guest Handmade, we understand that this isn't just a sign, it's a legacy and we take pride in helping create the custom, unique, and durable metal signs and other metal products that you have dreamed about! Submit your request below or check out the past projects we have done for our happy customers!


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