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Unique Metal Art (That's also Durable)

Imagine this with me for a moment, you finally receive the custom, unique, durable metal project that you had in your mind all this time. No more wishing and talking about it, it's actually here...in your presence to enjoy and to show off to all the people who are blessed to hang out with you and start the conversationswith your friends and family that you hold so dearly.

Getting Toasted

custom metal fire pit

You can finally sit around that beautiful steel fire pit roasting marshmallows and making memories with your family. You can almost smell the smoke as it follows  you around the fire. You can hear the crackling of the wood and your kids laughing as they burn another marshmallow (making the perfect s'more!) The ultimate representation of form meets function. It's beautiful and unique while also durable and useful...that's not something you get every day, but something we strive for with every project at HL Guest Handmade!

Completing the Room

That empty space on the wall has been haunting you for months, it always looks so sad and awkward and lonely but you have never found the perfect piece to fit there so you haven't purchased anything yet. You don't want something plain and generic, but something that is unique and custom. You finally found us online and order that funny conversation starter metal sign to tie together that room and it is finally complete! The empty wall is no longer sore on the eyes and taunting you with it's blankness, it's flashy and starting conversations with all your visitors.

Built to Last

You finally have quality metal furniture that is built to last indoor and outdoor. That heirloom bed that your kid will use for years then be able to pass down to your grandchildren and still be in amazing condition. Those heavy duty bar-stools that will be able to withstand the strongest winds (okay, maybe besides a tornado) and still be on your patio the next day instead of your neighbors yard because they are actually heavy duty. Year after year these heavy duty metal furniture pieces will be with you and be a part of those memories that you cherish.

Honoring a Loved One in Style

You get to honor your loved one with a unique memorial without the long wait time. Several people have come to us lately wanting to create a unique memorial for their loved ones who have passed on. They looked into stones, but the wait-time was outrageous, they found a unique loop hole by working with us to make a beautiful memorial for their loved one. Some people chose to have them permanently and others are just used as a holding-place while they wait on the headstone.


The feeling of finally getting the metal sign, steel fire pit, heavy-duty furniture or unique memorial is excitement and relief and inspiration. You feel like you can tackle whatever the week throws your way when you move these projects from the to-do list to the done list. 

Working with HL Guest Handmade makes it easy as we bring you into the design process so you have all the input, but we take care of the back work to make it come to life for you! Request a quote for your project below or check out some of the projects we have done in the past HERE.

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