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8 Unique Mother's Day Favorites

Mother's Day is one of the many times of year to celebrate the most important women in your life. Sure she loves the card, flowers, and chocolate that you give her every year, but what about stepping up the game this year?

At HL Guest Handmade you are sure to find a unique gift for your mom, wife, grandma, daughter, or other loving mom-figure. Here is a round-up of favorite unique Mother's Day gifts!

1. Tribal Feather

Tribal Feather Metal Art

This tribal feather metal decoration is a stand out conversation starter in any setting! You won't find a unique metal piece like this anywhere else. With the choice of 1/8" steel for indoor use or 3/16" for durability in an outdoor setting the possibilities for this metal sign are endless

Metal Floral Cow Skull Decor

2. Floral Cow Skull

Hang this unique metal sign in your home and you will have a point of conversation every time someone lays their eyes on it. The patina contrast on the flowers gives that extra dimension that will leave her in awe.

3. Gather Sign

Gather Metal Sign

The perfect addition to her gathering place - whether the kitchen, living room, or patio this metal decoration is sure to add an elegant touch to the atmosphere. Available in many sizes and raw steel or patina finish you can have this metal sign as a statement or and accent piece.

faith family and friends metal decoration

4. Faith Family & Friends

If the most important thing to your mom is faith, family, and friends you can bet this metal sign will fit in her heart and be displayed on her wall. With several sizes to choose from, it can be an accent or a bold statement.


metal Keurig k-cup pod rack with good morning on top

5. K-Cup Display

Don't let your mom have unorganized or an obviously cheap display of Keurig pods any longer! This K-Cup holder is a fun way to organize and personalize her coffee station in a functional way while displaying the variety of coffee options! Fill the durable metal rack with all her favorite flavors to show her how much you understand her coffee or tea obsession.

Funny Metal Garden Markers

6. Naughty Gardener Markers

These garden markers are for those who love gardening and have a fun sense of humor...or if your mother is the kind who kills a cactus...while these won't keep her plants alive they will let her laugh at herself because isn't that the key to a simple and fun life? We sure think so!

infinity heart metal decoration

7. Infinity Heart

This heart isn't just really cool home decor, it's a statement. The kind that let's your mom or wife know that forever is exactly what you mean. For better or worse, through thick and thin, you are there for them and giving them this metal sign as a perfect gift can be the statement to let them know eternity is important to you and more important for them to know it. Get this metal sign in classic steel or patina for that extra special touch and since you know we believe in quality this metal decoration is made from 10 gauge steel to show your love for years to come.

unique tribal hummingbird metal decoration

8. Hummingbird

This isn't your average hummingbird - we took this cutie to the next level with a unique touch of design. This bird doesn't have to be fed, but still hangs around all year to show you it's beauty!


While none of these gifts will mean as much to her as a huge hug from you, every time she sees her unique metal decoration she will remember your special relationship.

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