Outdoor - Wok Burner Propane Hideaway Stand

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Show off your cooking skills with this unique Outdoor Wok Burner Propane stand! Build to last with the bottle hideaway for concise and safe cooking space.

Designed with younguns in mind - we created this wok burner propane stand with our kiddos running around. Getting the bottle underneath the burner keeps the tripping hazards to a minimum.

Included in purchase:
- Hideaway bottle stand with secure slots for both bottle and burner
- Removable burner with propane hookups
- Stainless steel Mexican style wok (optional)

Need some beef to stir-fry in this wok? Visit our friends at Cross Creek Ranch Beef for Beef Done Right! And don't forget your seasoning - we love our Alamo all purpose seasoning for meat, veggies, and even eggs.